Past and current projects, FAQ’s and other medical illustration awesomeness.

What is a Medical Illustrator?

When meeting new people, inevitably the topic arises what everyone does for a living. When asked I answer, “I am a medical illustrator.” More often than not I get a look of confusion and the question, ” So, that is…what exactly?” I then simply state how I draw what you

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Why use medical illustration?

Not too long ago I attended a conference where a surgeon spoke to a room full of medical illustrators about a very complex and risky procedure involving the separation of conjoined twin girls. It was complicated due to their shared anatomy – their hearts were overlapped, their pancreases were fused,

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Lucy and Lilo Help the Honu

A few years ago I ventured out of my comfort zone to write and illustrate a children’s book. I struggled with an idea at first but found inspiration in my dogs Lucy and Lilo. At the time I was living in Hawaii and decided to incorporate the Hawaiian green sea

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From Pencil To Printer

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked about being a medical illustrator, is how I create my artwork. Most people I talk to assume everything I do is digital, completely rendered on the computer. They are often surprised to hear that 99% of my illustrations begin as a pencil

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I know there is only a week left in October, but better late than never, right? I wanted to share something for breast cancer awareness month so I’m breaking out an oldie but a goodie. In 2012 I took on a pro-bono project for a friend of mine who works

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