Lucy and Lilo Help the Honu

A few years ago I ventured out of my comfort zone to write and illustrate a children’s book. I struggled with an idea at first but found inspiration in my dogs Lucy and Lilo. At the time I was living in Hawaii and decided to incorporate the Hawaiian green sea turtle, or honu, into the storyline. Once I had the story, the illustrations came easily. But then I had the daunting task of trying to get my story published. I began the tedious process of sending letters to publishers with my story and illustrations for review. After all was done I mailed out 65 letters to publishing houses, both big and small, and it wasn’t long before the rejection letters started trickling in.

Almost two years after I first began this process, I received a phone call from a local Hawaiian publisher who wanted to publish my book!

So if you are still looking for gifts for those little people in your life, how about a story about two dogs who find a nest of hatching sea turtle eggs on the beach. The dogs race around while the baby turtles scoot their way down the beach to the water…but, oh no! One baby turtle is stuck in the sand! Can the dogs help? Get the book to find out!

Plus, with bonus educational material at the back of the book about Hawaiian green sea turtles it’s perfect for the kiddo who loves dogs or turtles.

You can purchase my book, Lucy and Lilo Help the Honu, online at Amazon or directly from the publisher, Mutual Publishing. If you are lucky enough to live in Hawaii, they are still in select Walmarts and Targets. So what are you waiting for? Go get one!!


Mutual Publishing:

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